Good Afternoon, 3rd of May 2022

Howdy folks! How are we all doing?

Not much to report in the way of word counts today, just 97 on a non-fiction piece before work and 2159 edited on Penal Earth this afternoon.

I’m listening to my body and the lessons of the last couple of years. If I have an early, don’t go too mad with writing when the day job is done. That’s why I’ve only done a small slice of editing. Also, looking at the next two chapters (I’m aiming for one chapter a day) I think it’s better to do this one today, the next chapter is about 3000 words, but the one after that is over 5000 words. Tomorrow I have a longer shift at the day job so a 3k chapter is more manageable than a 5k one.

As I’ve said previously, this isn’t a deep edit. It’s one where I’m working from a beta readers notes, but as I’m going I’m finding places where I’ve said the same thing but with different words. I don’t need these redundant sentences and words, and my editor will tell me off if I do leave them there!

I am really seeing the benefit of leaving something for a few months and then looking back at it again. I’ve got a new insight into what I’ve written and I feel like I know the arcs a lot better.

Right, that’s me done with this writing malarky today.

I hope you’re all having a great day, and always try and be kind.

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