20th August 2020

Good evening folks, a quick little post tonight. I’ve been decorating what will be my office. I also had a phone call to take at midday and drop my car off and then pick it up from the garage. So not a whole lot of time today to write. But I did get 238 words done on a short story.

It was snatching words in two quick sittings, and tomorrow may be the same. The majority of the painting is done, I just need to paint a wall cupboard and then it’s done. I’ll do that once I’ve got the furniture back in and I can clear out the items in the cupboard. It’s literally a five minute job. The only reason I didn’t do it today is because I didn’t have room to put the items that are in there.

I’ll have some pictures in a post in the next couple of days. Today it’s a picture of another note book 😁

I dug the vibe and the energy of this one 😊

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