Good Morning Monday 7th September 2020

Something I miss doing is writing a blog post first thing on a Sunday morning. I used to get up, make a cup of tea and sit down with my laptop and write a post about the coming day. That was when I had a six day week with set hours. I’d always have Sunday’s off and that was the day of the week where I’d attempt to get a good days work done. Mostly I’d write or edit till midday and then put my feet up for a few hours.

Now, I’m not going to be able to do that today. I’ve got two book cases to put together and another unit that my aunts given me. That’s more of a wall unit though, which I think is going to be really useful. Once those are up then I can start getting bits and pieces on them, in particular my books. Those are squashed onto one at the moment so it’ll be good to get them onto these two where I can get them properly organised (and then I can do the same with blu-rays/dvds.

Max being photogenic (and nosey 🤣)

I am going to be getting words worked on, but I’ve got a lot to be doing around it. So, a busy day ahead.

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