12th January 2021

Good evening, folks!

1486 words edited after I did my prep work for an appointment tomorrow. I should have taken into account the prep work as it is always something I need to dedicate a few hours to each week and I need to be more conscious of that going forward.

So not a big day of writing work, but I edited those words and added a fair few notes for the sections I worked through. When I’ve finished this read through I’ve got a lot of work I need to do before I can start a proper edit, in addition to writing an ending!

Okay folks! My brain is a little mushed and I’ve an early start tomorrow so I’m going to get me feet up for a few hours before I need to sleep.

I’ll leave you with the latest video I posted on my YouTube channel.

2 thoughts on “12th January 2021

  1. I watched the video when it came out. You’re a natural in front of a camera. I bet you’ve got a clearer picture now for the ending of Black Blood. Good luck with it. I got up early this morning and wrote, but I fear I’ve made a mess of the story. Yikes, I may have to start over if I can’t get it straightened out.

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