Good Morning! 12th January 2021

Hey folks! A nice early one today.

I edited yesterday, but can’t remember how many words I did. It was over a 1000 but less than 2000.

Something that struck me yesterday was that maybe I need to try and have a schedule so that when I’m at work I do one light day writing, and then one heavy day writing. Especially when I’m doing early shifts and I’m not getting as much sleep as I’d like this is something that’s worth a try.

Sitting here writing that and I can’t help but think that none of these little things I’m doing are going to really change the way I work. Even though I’m trying not to sit on my bed and work while watching this or that, I’m still doing it. Mostly on work days, which are more often then not an early shift, and I do get work done. Yesterday I would have got more done if I’d started earlier in the afternoon after work. But I was wiped out so I laid down with a movie on in the hope I’d drift off and have a nap, which didn’t happen. But I find I need that downtime after work sometimes. I just need to let my brain wind down from the day job and slide into a mental space that’s a little more favourable to some form of creativity.

Right, time for me to get into work and think about getting cracking.

Let’s make today a good one, folks!

Spot the hunting kitty!

4 thoughts on “Good Morning! 12th January 2021

  1. I think we all wind down and clear our head in different ways. I like to go for a short walk with the dog or go weed. There are ALWAYS weeds to pull! Something about the repetitive monotony of one foot in front of the other (walking) or one weed after the other helps setting my mind.

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  2. The eternal struggle of balancin work, life and writing. Finding writing time while keeping a day job is not always easy. That’s why I find it so interesting that people can write while working full time. Needing down time after work is understandable. I don’t have a physically overwhelming day job but I’m completely useless writing vise after work.

    And on a side note. Is there any easy way to navigate to the beginning of the blog? I just read everything from January 1 to present. But usually when I find a blog I enjoy I always want to read it from the beginning.

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    • Hello! I agree. Some days it is really difficult to anything done after work. My old job used to be a lot mow physical and a lot more hours. Now I work a lot less hours, but shift work. So I’m still trying to navigate that.

      As for reading from the beginning, I’ve been blogging for ten years and have just under 2000 posts. And I’m not entirely sure of an easier way to stat reading from the beginning I’m afraid. (Me and technology don’t mix well I’m afraid).

      Thank you for taking the time to read what you have done, it’s nice knowing people are taking the time to read what I write 😊


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