Good Evening, 11th of March 2021

Howdy folks! I’ve hd a busy afternoon. I’ve edited 4000 words on Ashes, 3652 words on the vampire book and written 1826 words on the vampire book, and I’m knackered!

I did (finally) finish the vampire episode I’ve been working on, and got the next episode done and dusted. I think It’ll need something to connect the two but I’ll see to that once the draft is transferred into Scrivener.

I’m going to have a shower, and put my feet up for the evening. I’d like an early start so I can get some words written before work so a chill out evening sounds good.

A glaring Dizzy!

This has been my most productive day of the month. If I can get one day a week like this, I’m going to be a happy wordsmith.

2 thoughts on “Good Evening, 11th of March 2021

  1. Wow, you did have a productive day, congrats! I got 265 new words (so far, not done yet) and 2 pages edited. Hm, is Dizzy glaring or just playing hide-n-seek? Or is she glaring because she was playing hide-n-seek and you found her?:-)

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