Good Morning, 12th of March 2021

Good morning, folks! How are we all this morning?

I have written 836 on Black Blood this morning.

It was a slow start as I didn’t want to start another vampire one and with not much time I didn’t fancy working on the edit notes for Ashes. I thought about working on the Penal Earth short story I started the other day but I’m not feeling it. I looked at Black Blood, and yes it still feels like a mess but that’s the story that spoke loudest to me this morning and I managed to get a solid session out of it.

There is so much to do with this story that I’m a little intimidated by it but I just kinda want to dive in and get cracking with it again. So I think I’m going to bounce between Black Blood and the vampire book until one is done, then start on the Penal Earth edits. I used to always be quite productive when working on two stories at a time, so maybe it’s time to try and focus that creative energy a little more.

Right, time to get ready for the day job. Have a fun Friday, all!

Finally have a little space for my vanity shelf 🙂

2 thoughts on “Good Morning, 12th of March 2021

  1. 836 is great. I got in about 700 first thing this morning. I want to get in 400 before dinner, fingers crossed. I dig your vanity shelf. I don’t have one. (Then again, I’m only published in one anthology, so I’m not sure it’s worth a whole shelf.)

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