16th March 2021

It’s not good morning. I slept shite after a tough day all around yesterday, but despite the tiredness I’m ready for the day and what may come.

I’ve got at least one phone call I’ll be on today, maybe two but we’ll see.

On a plus note, my desktop is working! Not sure how long it’ll be working but let’s make the most of it for as long as the screen decides to play nice.

To writing though, I’ve done very little the last few days as I’ve had more pressing matters to see to. Today though, I’m going to get stuck into Black Blood and get moving on that again. I do need to work through the Ashes notes and see if my beta readers will be able to look at it before I send it off. My head’s saying I need to get word written right now though. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Have a fun day, folks!

My writing companion, who’s now wondered off!

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