Saturday 3rd April 2021

Hey folks, I focused on non-writing life yesterday after posting. So I didn’t get anything I mentioned done. Today I’ve got limited time before work so once I’ve written this short post I’m going to do a half hours work and then get ready for work.

It’s going to be Black Blood I’m working on. Then when I’m on my break later on I’m going to do a little brainstorming or a little writing on a short story.

I’ve just posted my April goals to my Buy Me A Coffee page. Aside from the odd post everything post there is free to view. I have no objection to paywalls but I’m not sure that’s where I am at the moment. I mention it now because I’m starting to post my goals for each month there and they are exclusive to Buy Me A Coffee but are free to read. The way I’m viewing Buy Me A Coffee at the moment is it if someone would like to give me a tip. I’m not going to ram it down people throats, although I may add a link to a few blog posts. Every penny I get from there goes into writing.

Right, time to write. Have an awesome day folks! Don’t let people take your dreams as aspirations away.

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