Good Afternoon, 18th April 2022

Howdy, folks! How are we all doing today?

I’ve written 353 words today. I didn’t do any writing earlier in the day so I’ve done a quick half an hour now that I’m home. I’ve got a long work day tomorrow so I’m not going to try and do too much writing today as I’ve got to think about that and the fact that I’ve slept badly recently.

I also broke my brain a little yesterday. I edited the zombie book, all 25,239 words of it. I should have stopped after the first two sections and then worked on the third one today, but I was being stubborn and wanted to get it done. I’m happy with it now. I’ve just got to go back and adjust chapter numbers and then it’s done! I’ll send it back to my editor to make sure I haven’t cocked anything up and then I’ll be pushing to publish it. It’s long over due and I’m so blooming done with it!

The next one for editing is Penal Earth. This isn’t a major edit. A dear friend read it recently and picked up on a couple of small bits and pieces, mainly grammar related stuff, that I’m going to go back in and fix. This friend has also worked with my editor and they pointed out that I’d be jumped on for one mistake in particular!

Before I broke my brain yesterday 🤣

Penal Earth is very polished and I honestly don’t think I can do anything else with it now. I need other eyes on it and then look at what thoughts they have before I think about submitting/self-publishing it.

Right folks, have an awesome day. Here’s the link to my Ko-Fi page if you’d like to support me. My social media links are on the right hand side of the screen.

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