29th May 2022

Good evening folks. This morning I edited 3800 words on Black Blood. After the poor nights sleep Friday I decided to have an easy day. After editing I did a lot of gaming.

I’ve got a busy work week coming but I’d really like to get closer to the end of this pass of Black Blood.

I’ve tried to be a plotter but it doesn’t work for me. Most of the time my first draft is me plotting it out. This is what I’m finding with Black Blood. I’ve got a lot of good content but I need to flush out the crap and build on what I have. One example is a large battle scene and I’ve found that it’s a little bit of a hodgepodge. I want to get it so it builds to a certain moment, which I didn’t realise until I’d got stuck into it. It’s like I can see the scope of the scene now. So I’m looking forward to getting stuck into that chapter and getting it right.

Right, I’m off to bed. Early start tomorrow.

Have an awesome week, folks 🙂

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