Good Evening, 15th June 2022

Howdy folks, likely just a short one tonight.

I’ve been a little burnt out lately so I’ve put writing on a back burner for a couple of days. Today I managed to get back into it somewhat. I’ve written 122 on a new short story set in the Penal Earth universe, and I’ve just finished typing up a short story I wrote earlier in the year.

There’s a new story posted on my Ko-Fi page that is available to all supporters.

Right, I’m going to wrap it here. I’m looking forward to a day off tomorrow. I’ve got a lot to do but it’ll be nice not having to be up before 5am.

Have an awesome one, folks!

2 thoughts on “Good Evening, 15th June 2022

  1. I know I worked on my writing this morning, but I can’t remember what I did. It’s so late, and i’m knackered. It’s been a long, hot day with no a/c. Haha, I bought a washing machine and a dryer, too, and they don’t fit in our house. I hope I can return them tomorrow because they were expensive!

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