9th of May 2023

Good evening folks. I’ve written 836 words on War Child and 737 on the short story I’ve been working on today.

I finished work early and did a spring clean in my office before getting words done. I did get some words on the short story during my break at work but have done more tonight. I feel a little lazy as I think I should have done more words, but I passed my target by fifty percent. So it’s not a failure. Especially considering I spring cleaned my primary writing space. It wasn’t a dump, but a deep clean changes the energy of the space, makes it feel refreshed and makes me want to be in there more.

Callie waiting for me to be distracted so she could try and squeeze out the small gap of the open window.

As for the words today, I feel a little unsure of them, especially those of the short story. I’m not sure it’s authentic, but I’m going to leave it in until I get to the editing phase of my process.

I’ve got a somewhat busy day tomorrow, but I’m still going to have time to get some words wrangled.

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