17th of August 2020

Today, I took a hard hit in my personal life. You don’t need anymore details than that. How it affected my writing, that’s what I’m going to talk about.

I’d intended to try and crack on with some writing today after work, and this just fired me up more. I set myself four goals, and hit three of the four. One is private to me. The other three were simple: write a thousand words, start the edits on the zombie book. The final of the four goals was tidying up. I did all but the tidying up. My spaces aren’t pig styles but my room needs a little tidying while what will become my office needs a little straightening. It needs decorating, but that’s going to have to wait a little while.

Writing wise, I wrote 1085 words and editing I worked through 5542 words. This is generally my goals for the next two days. Writing a 1000 words and editing the next two parts of the zombie novella.

The words I worked on were for a short story that I’m hoping to submit to an anthology. I’m feeling this one out as I’m writing it. I’m trying for something different with this one. Something a little more subtle to what I’ve done before. So far I think it’s okay, but I think I need to rank up the tension in it. Give it an edge that I think it’s missing at the moment.

She wasn’t this quiet all afternoon…..

Overall, today sucked. But life rarely does what we want it to. So when it doesn’t we just crack on and do our thing. We hold our heads up high and we carry on. When I check in tomorrow, I’ll have written a thousand words and edited another section of the zombie book.

One thought on “17th of August 2020

  1. I hope tomorrow treats you better. I’m astounded that you edited over 5k words on top of writing 1k. I’m backwards . . . I can write more words in a day than I can edit. Maybe that’ll get better with experience.:-)

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