Hey folks, yesterday I wrote a little over 900 words. I honestly wasn’t feeling it, I forced my way through and got those words done before I got ready for work. I think they work, well enough for when I edit it I shouldn’t have to work to hard to get it right. (Don’t ask about the spelling errors on it!).

It set me up for a good day though. Got to work and cracked on and it puts me in a good place and even though I’m feeling tired right now, I’m good. I feel like I’m back on track and there’s only one thing that is still getting me down (which I’m not talking about here), but everything I’m doing is driven by that.

Tomorrow, I’ve got plans later in the day but I’m going to try and make the most of the rest of the day and get some stories edited, off to beta readers and read beta notes and get those changes done and submit that story. I should be able to squeeze in some words but I need a day where it’s mainly editing.

That’s when the sun comes up though, now I’m off to bed!

Night folks!

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