Yesterday I edited 1197 words, which again was like getting blood from a stone. I have very little focus at the moment but I know the more I work the more my head clears and I’m much more capable in myself then if I’m sitting on my arse.

So, forcing my way through that urge to just go back to bed and stay there.

Right now I’m distracted by the falling rain on the road outside my home. I’m not feeling particularly well either, but I’m going to edit and not stop till I hit 10k.

2 thoughts on “17/6/21

  1. I hope by the time you read this comment you’re well on your way to 10k. I got a short story rejected yesterday, but it was a positive rejection, so that was nice. I’m gonna find somewhere else to send it today plus work on a writing group project. I think rainy days are good for writing.:-)

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