13th July 2021

8550 edited on the vampire book today, plus added 111 words to it. Which brings that edit to an end. What I’ll do now is continue rewriting the section I started the other day and see how it comes together.

After that I called it a day with the writing. I had a few bits and pieces to do so I cracked on with those and come tomorrow I’ll be writing again.

In addition to the vampire piece rewrite I’ve got the story from NaNoWriMo 2019 to work on. I think those two will be my focus for a few days and the. I’ll likely do a read through of the editors notes for zombie.

Raven deciding I was a seat, and can you tell I’d not had tea when this picture was taken?

For now, I’m gonna watch a movie and then get to bed.

Have an awesome evening all!

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