Good Evening, 21/3/22

Howdy folks!

Today I have written 238 on the anthology submission, and 1128 words of the typing up of the ending of the zombie story. It’s going well. I don’t think I’ll have much tidying of it to do once I’ve done it. I’ll send it off to an editor to make sure I’ve not made a big screw up, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.

The story for the anthology is feeling good. Where I’m writing with pen and paper it’s going a little slower than I’d like but I think it’s helping in building the story. It feels like it’s got a depth that previous attempts haven’t had before.

Today feels like it’s been a good, productive day. Some good progress, and a good start to the week.

I started listening to Mount Fitzroy by Scott Sigler today ☺️

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