5th of May 2022

Good evening, this morning I got cracking about 9am and got about 8100 words edited of Penal Earth.

I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t particularly feeling it this morning. The first chapter I edited today was a little over 5000 words and I figured I’ll get that one done and then I’ll be done for the day. I’ve got plans to meet a friend this afternoon (am literally sitting in a Costa Coffee waiting for him as I write this), and wanted a little slack off if I’m honest. There was a few bits and pieces I wanted to do that needed to get done today, but once I was done with the first chapter I looked at the next one and saw that it was about 1500 words, so I thought I might as well get that one done as well. Then once I done that I saw that the next one was 1200 or so, and got that cracked out as well.

That took me up to about 11am and then I cracked on with a few writing related bits I needed to do. All stuff that is not writing or editing but more admin that I had to address. Nothing major but once it was done the better, and one in particular has a deadline of the end of the month and I know me, if I’d left it with the intention of doing it another day I’d have forgotten about it.

As of today I have edited just over 22000 words for the month, I’m rather pleased with this. The nice thing about this pass of Penal Earth is that where it’s quite polished there’s not much I’m finding, and what I am are mostly the bits a Beta reader had picked up on. I’d really like this Final pass done by the end of the month, and with 50000 words to go that’s very doable. Once this pass is done, that’s it. I won’t be able to do anything else with it. Then it’s saving up for an editor to have a go at it.

Once I am done I’m going to dive back into Black Blood (still not happy with that title), and get that just a little more polished. One of my Beta readers irked it and had some great feedback, the biggest of which thought was that it’s not as polished as Penal Earth.

The zombie book is with the editor as they go over the changes I’ve made. I spoke with them on Saturday and so far so good, but they haven’t got to the ending (which was rewritten) yet. Once it’s come back to me and I’ve been over those final few changes then it’s formatting, cover, and then published. It feels like the end is in sight! Finally!

That’s about it really. My Ko-Fi will be open to membership soon. I’m not expecting big waves with it just yet, it’s a small step to build from but I’m quite excited to get it up and running and putting short stories up there.

Right, my buddy will be here soon. I’ve just seen how long this post is, I don’t think I’ve done one like this for a while. But it feels good to be able to focus and get a sort of update out there.

Have a great evening, folks!

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