Pushed Through

Today, I’ve felt pretty off all day. I don’t want to say ill, it’s more like I’ve felt off-centre than normal. Work this morning was good, and productive but also very full on. Which is great, I love it. It makes me feel like I’ve earn’t my wages, and working somewhere that I enjoy my job really makes me happy. On the downside was that it wiped me out as I wasn’t feeling a 100%.

My plan was to come home and get a good chunk of a monster chapter (11k words) of Black Blood edited. After I had a shower and some lunch though I really felt off. So I crashed for a couple of hours, and I still feel off but I’ve forced through some editing.

It wasn’t as productive as I was planning, but I cracked out a few words of this edit of this huge chapter (I need to break it up, because and 11k chapter is quite a chunky segment), and tomorrow I’m going to really dive in deep and try and get this chapter sorted.

Kitty company ☺️

I’ve got a couple of days off, so I’m aiming to get a big dent made in this edit and try and get some more of the recent short story I wrote done.

Yesterday I posted a short story to my Ko-Fi page that is available to all supporters, and there should be a new never before seen one on the Welcome To My Nightmare tier tomorrow as well.

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