7th December 2020

Two posts in one morning! I know, right! But the way I’m looking at it is I probably won’t blog after work tonight so let’s give you fine folks an update on how writing went now.

I wrote 1043 words this morning on Penal Earth and I’ve left it in a place that I can kick in and have a lot of fun with it tomorrow (there will be blood, lots and lots of blood!).

Tomorrow I’m going to aim for a thousand words, and get the zombie book edited. It’s about twenty-five thousand words, so its easily doable in a day.

I’m aiming for a couple of productive days as I have them off this week. I’m feeling good, better then I have ever done.

Iā€™m lucky to have a writing space, and yes I do get more done when sat here šŸ˜Š

I have one part of my life which isn’t good, and it’s the most important but I have to be patient with it, it’s also something that I’ll never go into details with here. I am pretty open with my life on here, there are somethings I reserve the right to be private about though. The exact part of Gravesham is one, where I work is another, and that one part of life which isn’t how I wish it was. It can be changed, but as I said, I need to be patient with it.

This year has been the best and worst year of my life, and I’m not the same person who I was at the start of it. I like who I am now, and how I am evolving.

I’ve a tough path ahead but I’m ready to walk it.

Wow, that got deeper than I was expecting!

Have a great day, all!

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