Good Afternoon, 4th of February 2021

Hey folks, yeah I slept in longer than I was planning to. I’ve also been out and done grocery shopping. So I’m just now sitting done.

I am disappointed in myself somewhat. I should have done so much more this week than I have already, it’s Thursday and I’m not even halfway through my to-do list for this week. So I feel like I’ve got three and half days where I’m going to be playing catchup. I don’t like that feeling. I don’t like being behind where I should easily be, and I’m only hurting myself in letting myself getting dragged down if I’m a little under the weather or my mental health is playing up.

So, my plan for the next few days is to (try) and get up early and make a good start to the day. In practice that means sitting at the desk, getting a 1000 words done and then getting into notes for the Black Blood artwork. Doing videos, writing blog posts and Buy Me a Coffee pots. I’d like to get editing on the secret project short story that I’ve written for a publisher.

Dizzy having a fuss yesterday ☺️

I want to make time to have a play with this action camera as well, see what’s going to work well when using it. I suppose getting some editing software and learning that side of things would be a good idea as well.

Time to get working. Have a great day, folks!

Here’s one of Raven snoozing from yesterday. She has also pounced on me from there 🙄🤣

2 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, 4th of February 2021

  1. Isn’t it startling when a cat pounces on you from on high? I’ve done a little more than 500 words today and a little bit of editing. I’m hoping for 200 more new words before the day is out. I like writing early in the morning. I think the key for me is to start before I THINK about starting because the actual starting is the hard part!

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