Good Morning, 27th February 2021

A very groggy but good morning folks. I’ve had two nights where I haven’t slept well, including one that was before a 4am wake up. I still slept, but it was the unsettled sleep that I tend t suffer when sleep won’t come smoothly. It’s not on the level of half an hour a night like it was at points last year, but it’s very restless and I wake up feeling more tired then when I went to sleep. Until I get the day going though.

With that in mind, I didn’t do any writing yesterday. After work I took Max for a walk and had every intention of doing a little writing while watching a movie or two, but after WandaVision I fell asleep.

Today, I’m going to look at this damn vampire story again and see if I can get the ending done (finally!) I’ve got a good few hours before when I need to leave for work, so I hope I can get closer to having it done.

I have had an update from the editor regarding the zombie novella, she’s made one pass and is making her second. So I’ll be getting that back soon (!!!).

With the end of he month right here I need to think about what I want to get done next month. I’m not going to hit a lot of my targets for this month, but that’s something I can accept. I had a few ups and downs, non-writing matters that needed my attention more than writing, but I still got a fair bit done. I think I overreached, but I also didn’t have anything regarding the vampire book on this months targets.

So looking forward to what I’d like to achieve next month I think most of it will be rolled over from this month.

Time for me to get cracking. I hope everyone has a good weekend!

A little more fun I’ve had for my buddy Nick from Next Step Nick 🙂

2 thoughts on “Good Morning, 27th February 2021

  1. That is exciting about the zombie novella. I can’t remember if you are self publishing or querying it. Either way, I’m definitely excited to read it. The top photo looks like you’re wearing hearing protection like at an outdoor firing range, nice day for it!

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    • I’m self-publishing it 🙂
      The weather was lovely! It was a nice little walk. Funny you should say about the shooting range, just a little way further down the road I was on is marshland and what used to be a military training area that includes a shooting range that the police now own 🙂

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