Good Afternoon, 18th April 2021

Hey folks, 2770 edited on Penal Earth, the prep work I mentioned earlier is done, and next weeks writing writing rota is done. Now, I’m going to do some low impact bits and pieces and chill out a little.

I’ve not got a lot more I want to add for today. It’s just one of those days where I’ve got done what I wanted with writing and am looking forward to seeing how much of my targets I get done next week.

Today’s edits did include a scene that when I wrote it first time I had to walk around my garden for like half an hour, and each time I’ve edited it since I’ve had to take a moment. Today. It made me flinch and squirm a little but I didn’t need a break after that scene. I haven’t gutted the harshness from it, didn’t even change anything on it today, but I’ve read that scene so many times now I think I’ve become numbed to it!

Right, that said. I’m off. I hope you’re all having a pukka day!

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