Good Evening 5th Of January 2022

Good evening, folks! How are we all doing tonight?

I am shattered! Had my first early start this morning since New Years Eve and boy am I feeling it. Once this post is written I’ll be getting settled for the night and watch then watch a movie and let myself wind down for the night.

I have written today, I got a nice 541 on a short story that feels like it’s expanding well. I’ve got no idea where it’s going but I’m enjoying the mystery as I’m writing it.

I’ve been meaning to watch Blade Runner 2049 again, but still haven’t got around to it. I will in the next few days hopefully. It’s a film that I’m keen to revisit and see how I feel about on, I think this’ll be my third viewing. It’s one I want to sit down and focus on and let myself be absorbed into it.

Right, I’m going to wrap for the night. I’ve got a couple of little bits to do before I can properly settle down for the night. I’m aiming to be in bed and asleep by ten! Wish me luck!

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