Good Evening, 30th April 2022

Hey everybody! how are we all doing?

I managed to get a very early start today and got 6384 words edited on Penal Earth, and then typed up 344 words on a short story I wrote by hand earlier this year. I had an hour, and I just got stuck in. The edit isn’t a deep one, Penal Earth has had a lot of work on it and it’s quite polished. So I don’t need to go deep, but I also don’t think I’m capable of going for another thorough edit. This pass is to make a few tweaks that a beta reader suggested and to make sure there’s no daft mistakes that my editor will tell me off for! (Okay there will be, but I’d like to limit as much of that as I can!).

My desk needs tidying

Last night while I was watching YouTube videos I was struck by the idea of a character, so I wrote another 368 words by hand before I went to bed. I don’t yet have a story for this character, but it struck me last night that I don’t need a story for him. Even if I never find a story for him it was still a lot I learned last night about building a character quickly and organically. I might also be able to put him in another story one day as well. It’s one of those things where it doesn’t feel like he is strong enough (at the moment anyway) to carry a story, but I think he’d make a great element in an ensemble cast.

I’ve got a long day tomorrow, so I’m not expecting to get much written and I’m going to chill out and get an early night.

Raven says hi!

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