2/6/22 – Flash Post

Good evening folks, Sorry. I’ve got another flash post tonight.

I did a little editing this afternoon after I got home from work. Then did a little gaming and had a nap. When I’ve got an early I struggle to sleep so I find napping to be helpful in making up for that.

It bugged me that I hadn’t done more editing, when I’d first got home. So I cracked on this evening and got the last few thousand words done.

Max made himself comfy while I was working ☺️

7552 words edited, and I wrote 124 on a non-fiction piece.

The next stage is to let this sit for a couple of days and then I’ll get into making the changes that are needed.

(okay, not so much of a flash post!)

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2 thoughts on “2/6/22 – Flash Post

  1. Over 7500 edited is impressive. I had a long day on my feet and didn’t get back until after dinner time. So did I write? No, but I did read a little (in the car on the way there/back). Gotta keep my finger on the pulse even if I’m not in a position to write.

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    • And I think sometimes having an ‘off day’ is good for you because in addition to refilling the creative well it’s also given you and the story a little breathing space. I think sometimes we can get just a little too involved with our work and that small break can do is the world of good 🙂

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