Good evening, Folks! 436 words written tonight and 6808 words edited, and I’m knackered!

So only a short post tonight. A busy week with work and a few other things but I’ll crack on and write and edit in the time I do have. It’s not a case of if I have the time, it’s a case of making the time. It’s not hard, granted I’m in a privileged position where I do have the time to make for writing. I’m not going to waste that this time.

2 thoughts on “24/8/2020

  1. Isn’t it past midnight there? Long day, no wonder you’re knackered. But you made awesome progress! I spent time re-arranging scenes to fit a timeline, and I have a new scene to write before bed, but it’s only 7:20 here, so I have time to finish it.


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