4th July 2021

Hey Folks, how are we all doing today?

Today I have edited 13123 words of the vampire book, and added 179 words to it. That’s my next story that I’m working on. I’m being a little ambitious but I’d like to have it done by the end of the week, I’ve got two days off towards the end of the week so I can always smash through the last of it then. It’s a little under 60k words so I should be able to do it, despite a busy working week coming up.

I was going to start working through the edits from the editor on the zombie book, but I don’t feel ready. This is something I don’t want to rush. I’d like to let it all simmer and read it through again before making some notes, and then maybe again after that before I start making changes. The editor I use I’ve worked with before and she knows her shit, and she’s brutal without being an arsehole about it.

Writing has been shit of late. I’m struggling to find a flow with new words. Hopefully finishing Isolation was me breaking through that wall a little but we’ll see. I do think I need to refill my creative well. I’ve not had a lot of new content recently and I need to change that.

Okay Folks, I’m going to wrap it up here. I’ve got all that I wanted to do done today. I’ve got non-writing bits and pieces to do now and then a little chill out.

Have an awesome one, folks!

4 thoughts on “4th July 2021

  1. Holy fangs, Batman, that’s a lot of editing in one day, ONE day!

    If you ever have the first Saturday of the month off, the Author Level Up YouTube channel hosts a power hour of writing sprints (that lasts 1.5 hours because of the breaks). It’s a fun way to get some writing in when you wouldn’t have felt like writing otherwise.

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