Good Morning! March 10th 2022

Howdy folks! How is everyone doing this morning?

I am up and almost raring to go, I’ve got a lot I’d like to get this morning and I’m hoping the early start will set up a good day.(I started writing this at 8:30, but got sidetracked). My plan fro today is quite simple, spend a little time tidying up in the office and then I’ve got an online write-in for a couple of hours and then get into my bedroom and get that straightened up. Although neither space is like a tip both need a little attention

I’m fighting the urge to throw some very big goals on myself. It’s not working just doing a little bit a day, so in my head it’s like ‘go big or go home’, and that might not be the best course of action.

At the moment I’ve got a number of projects that need edit passes before I can get them to the editor. This is something I’m torn about. I know I can be guilty of over editing, and it’s something Armand Rosamilia (have you checked Armand out yet? I’d recommend it) has pointed out to me. You can edit too much and end up editing the heart out of it and I’m very worried about doing that, but with the zombie story for example the ending needs a rewrite. It needs more suspense and spice.

The other stories, Penal Earth and Black Blood in particular, need polishing. Penal Earth isn’t too bad. I had a dear friend read it recently and he picked up on a couple of bits that need work but it’s nothing major. Just little tweaks. It’s also been a while since I’ve read Penal Earth so when I look at it next it’s going to be a little less familiar and any daft mistakes I hope I’ll pick up on. Black Blood need a bit more of a deeper polish, but again, the core I think is good and I’m not too worried about it I think it just needs a deep polish.

Right, I need to get my arse into gear. Have an awesome day folks! I’ll check back in later.

Excuse the mess in the background 😁

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