Good Evening, 10th March 2022

Howdy, folks! how are we all doing?

I’ve written 850 words today, and got a fair few little bits and pieces done. I also hung out with a friend for a little while.

It feels like it’s been a good day. Back to work tomorrow and then writing afterwards.

I’m kinda thinking that I need to push hard to get back on track. Like I said earlier, go big or go home! Sink or swim sorta thing I guess. I know what I want to do, I just need the confidence to get it done. I have the ability, I just need to trust myself. People who I have a lot of respect for tell me I’ve got all I need to make a career with writing. I need this to really sink in.

I have a Ko-Fi page, so if you’d like to chip in towards covering my writing costs I’d be super grateful. I’m going to start looking into expanding my crowd funding efforts in the near future. It does look a bit sparse there at the moment but I’ll be improving it all soon. (I’m switching from Buy Me A Coffee after an issue I wasn’t overly happy about).

Right, I’m going to wrap this up for the night. I hope you’ve all had an awesome day!

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