16th of May 2023

Good evening folks, how are we doing tonight?

Today I’ve written 531 on War Child. I didn’t have a lot of time to write today so I’m happy with that. Yesterday I wrote 1162, and edited 4309 on War Child. So two very productive days.

One thing I did yesterday was sit down and work out a few of the bits I need to write for this story that I haven’t covered at all. This isn’t something new for me. I’ve done it a few times where I’ve gone back and written a scene and then inserted it into the story. What I’ve noticed is when I’m doing this, and not just when I’m writing a scene to add it, I’ll write from the central point I want to make. I’ll jump straight in and start the scene with no building up to it. It’s like starting The Lord Of The Rings trilogy with The Two Towers. Not a lot of context. So I need to learn how to build up to these scenes. One thing I’ve done today is start the scene with another plot thread of the story, and then I’ll merge it into the plot point I’ve set out to. I’m hoping this’ll give it a little more depth while also making it feel more organic.

That’s the hope anyway.

Right folks, have an awesome one!

2 thoughts on “16th of May 2023

  1. Yes, you did have two productive days in a row! (This is Priscilla, by the way, if I haven’t told you yet.)
    I worked 12. 5 hours straight on a book cover. OMGosh, it was awful. It was just the sketch for the publisher because I was having trouble getting my vision across in text. Kudos to artists who do that stuff for a living!

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