Good Morning, Sunday 24th of January!

Okay, so I overslept by two and half hours and am only just getting on with the day. I have tea, I have background noise and I’m raring to go!

I’m aiming for 5000 words edited and a 1000 written (although with overlaying I may sacrifice the 1000 words written).

I am behind where I want to be this month, in reality I’d like to have been done with this read through of Black Blood (still not wild about that title), and I think I would have been if I hadn’t of been unwell at the start of the week. This is where I’m aiming to be able to be fluid with goals. At the start of the month I was aiming to have Black Blood done by February, and as the month progressed I adjust to having it done mid-way, but life does get in the way which means adjustment adapting as we go. I think I can do that, but I need to have a little further mapped out so if I do get ahead then I can see what I have lined up next. So instead of just having the month I’m in mapped out I need to aim to have the next three planned. My white board is big enough for it, so let’s make use of it.

Right, time to stop procrastinating (although I always find starting the day off with a blog post is a nice way to mentally stretch before getting suck in).

So have an awesome day, folks! And I’ll check in this afternoon.

Yesterday Max decided he wanted a cuddle, but doesn’t know how to sit still!

3 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunday 24th of January!

  1. Max is awfully big to cuddle! I only got about 100 words in yesterday. (I had a little crisis in my life that turned out to be rather emotional and knocked me off my game.) I’ll aim to get back at it today.

    Have you played around with the Black Blood title? Desolate Blood, Morbid Blood, Morbid Kin, Foul Kin, Foul Breed, Dark Blood, Grey Blood, Wretched Blood, Wretched Ink, Dismal Blood, Solemn Blood, Mirthless Blood, Woeful Blood, Darksome Blood, Foul Blood, Wretched Kin, Wretched Breed . . .

    Good luck with your aggressive 5000/1000 goal today!

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