Good Afternoon, 3rd of February 2021

Hi folks, I’ve had somewhat of a slower start to my week off than I was hoping for. A little ill health has stopped me a little, but so has mental health. I’m learning to get a handle on my mental health but some days it rules the roost. That’s been a big part of this week. I also made a big change that needed to be done.

But, to writing. I’ve written about 1300 words this week and have a target of 5000 by the end of the week. I can hit that, if I get my head focused. Which at the moment it is. I’ve got other goals to hit this week as well: Getting started on the notes for Black Blood, blog posts, videos for YouTube, Buy Me A Coffee post, details for my mum so she can do some sketches for me.

That’s al very much achievable if I allow myself to do it. I woke up late, spent most of what was left of the morning and lunch time prepping for an appointment tonight. Just had a shower and am planning on getting stuck into some work, despite fatigue hitting me now.

I am more than capable of working through tiredness. I am more than capable of working when I’m not well. I just have to suck it up. I always feel better when I’m being productive. Always. So I need to be better at not letting me get to me.

Right, time to work!

2 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, 3rd of February 2021

  1. Looking good there without the beard. I’m surprised your shaved it off in winter, though. The husband says his beard keeps his face warm.:-) It’s Wednesday, and if you’re at 1300 words, yes, I think you can make 5k. I’m at 1800 words looking for about 3k plus some editing. I wish you good health and sunny skies and great word counts!

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