Good Morning, 17th February 2021

Good Morning, Folks!

I am up, have been for about half an hour now. I have tea, a kitty on my lap (which doesn’t make typing at difficult!), and I’m almost ready to go. It’s my day off so I’m aiming for a productive morning.

Yesterday’s plans changed as I was asked to go into work a couple of hours early, so I didn’t get much worked on. I think I wrote just over 500 words. Today I will get more done. I’ll be writing words but I’m also going to add more notes to my Black Blood master file and I might do a little brainstorming on one of the story rewrites I’m looking at.

I still feel odd about these rewrites. I hate the thought that I’m going to become that writer who works on one story for a decade and never finishes it as they strive for perfection. Nor do I want to become the writer that has twenty stories they’re jumping between looking for that one that will be a silver bullet that everyone will love.

*quick disclaimer, i started writing this post about 8:30am but something came up so i’m finishing it at 10:30am*

I understand there isn’t a silver bullet. There are times where something will look like it’ll come from nowhere but it’s very rare for a writing to hit instant success. It’s a marathon, that has no finishing line. We write and submit/self-pub, and repeat. I can do the writing bit. Now’s the time to finish and submit/self-pub.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning, 17th February 2021

  1. Yeah, I don’t want to be one of “those” writers, either! I got up early, but I’m just having a cup of coffee before I have to leave. I plan on two 30-min writing sessions later today, about 500 words, give or take.

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