Good Evening, 19th February 2021

659 words this evening, and then I hit the wall! So, I’m gonna watch this weeks episode of WandaVision and then maybe a movie.

Working after an early shift does sap the energy more than I’d like to admit, and I’ve got to make sure I’m not burning myself out. I’ve got another early shift tomorrow and then two days off. I almost pushed through to try and hit that 1000 word mark, but I was struggling with the story, I know what I want to say with this scene but I wasn’t able to get the words right. Come tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be able to hit the mark, at worse, I’ll do it Sunday before getting out for that socially distanced walk with a friend I mentioned earlier.

I’ve had a period of heavy fatigue where I wasn’t able to get much writing done. I feel like I’ve come out the other side of that and am getting back on track again.

Right, time for dinner and feet up (jarred my ankle this morning so should really rest it up a bit before tomorrow).

*edit: dinners been demolished, now watching a movie 😁

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