Good Afternoon, 19th February 2021

Hey Folks, how are we all doing?

I’ve not written yet. After I finished work at 1pm I did some shopping and then have managed to faff about for the last couple of hours so am only now sitting down to work. I’m planning on working until about 6pm and then it’ll be feet up with a bit of TV I think tonight, maybe a movie. I’ll see how I feel. I’m in work early again tomorrow but then have two days off!

Sunday I’m going for a socially distanced walk with a friend, so I might not get a lot done then. On Monday I’ll crack on and get some progress made.

I’m feeling pretty darn good today. I had a good nights sleep and even though I’m feeling tired now, I still feel like I’ve got a real good mindset at the moment and I’m eager to get cracking.

With that in mind, time to get to work! If Dizzy’ll let me!

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