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What I’ve Been Doing This Week

This last week, when I should have been planning for NaNoWriMo, I’ve been working on the outline for Project Apollo. Which is being re-written. It’s going to be easier to start again then it is to try and shoe-horn in all the bits we want to add. We have set a timeframe to get it done but that’s staying between Owen and I for the moment. I’ve so far got the first part of the book outlined and it’s with Owen now to make sure that I haven’t missed anything important. For the planning and writing process we’re planning on breaking it down into three parts so we can focus on one part at a time. In my head this seems like a logical course of action and hopefully it’ll work out well. Where we are now will probably be as far as we get till December now as NaNo does start in like eight days now, so I’ve got to get planning for it. Owen won’t get the chance to get through what I’ve sent him before NaNo starts anyway due to his work hours.

I desperately need to spend at least one more evening on The Resident’s before NaNo as well. I’ve got hand-written notes that need to be put into digital and I’d like to get all the data I’ve got cleaned up and sent over to Chrystalyn before NaNo starts so she can add her notes, and make sure I haven’t made any mistakes there.

Also, I’ve got a lot of work to do on Earth, After Liberation as I’ve gutted a lot of the middle out and need to write a fair bit to connect it all together.

So I’ve got a busy eight days coming up :D

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Interview with the Character #6 – Nathan Wright and Peter Germany

Peter Germany:

Irene Aprile was very kind to invite me over to her blog to carry out an interview with one of my characters and here it is. Please pop over to Irene’s site and say hi :)

Originally posted on Why blogging? Because I want to!:

Goodmorning readers and welcome to a new Interview with the Character!
This week I am hosting an science fiction and horror writer from UK: Peter Germany. You can learn more about Peter and his writing projects at, the blog where he shares his journey to become a published author. Today he shares with us an interview with the main character of his WIP: Nathan Wright.
He’s just an everyday person who was called up to fight a war that two psychopathic dictators have started. He joined the war when he was only young and hasn’t really lived a life yet. After all the war he’s seen he just wants to go home to earth and settle down with his girlfriend. but he gets pulled into a conspiracy to not only assassinate the leader of Earth, but to also assassinate the leader of Mars. He gets pulled in without…

View original 753 more words

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Today’s Progress

I’ve been really brutal with Earth, After Liberation today and cut out about 3000 words, which takes it up to about 5000 all-in-all thats been cut. I’ve still got a lot to do on it, from connecting pieces up which are now a little more disjointed then they were and re-mapping all of the chapters so it actually makes sense.

Once I’d finished carving that up I read through a short story I wrote in March/April time and made some alterations before printing it off and red-penning it. It’s now with my grammar checker and once she’s done with it I’m correct any mistakes and get it off to a Beta reader or two :)

Now, I’m going to chill out and play some Xbox :)

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Using NaNo to Gain Momentum

There are more then a few writers who adore doing NaNoWriMo which  means there are writers who think its the dumbest idea on the planet. But there are also those writers who are in the middle ground who don’t do it and don’t hate it. For me I love it, but something that is always in the back of my head is that NaNoWriMo should be every month. That’s the sort of work rate that I need to be having to get all these stories in my head out into the world (okay maybe not 50k each month but I should still be working on it at the same pace throughout the year).

I’ve heard many writers talking about what they try to write in a day and the golden number for many seems to be about the 2000 word mark, which is only 300 or so words above the minimum word count to hit the 50k to ‘Win’ NaNo. Now, I know theres a lot more to writing then just hitting a word count a day. I’m reluctant to say that I will be hitting 2k words a day on a first draft, for me I think it’s more realistic to be aiming at the 1k mark for that first draft.

I’m kind of hoping that NaNo will get me in the habit of sitting down of an evening again and getting the words down on the screen again, but also so I’m in the habit of sitting at my desk and working. I’ve got to finish editing Earth, After Liberation by January and I’ve come to the conclusion that the first half of the middle of the novel will need re-writing, but if I haven’t wrapped up this years NaNo story then I’ll get that done first and then get the second draft of Earth, After Liberation done. Well thats the plan anyway.


Speaking of editing, I’d better go and do some :)


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The Champion by Scott Sigler

I was going to give a quick summery of the start of this story but if I did that then it would be a spoiler for the previous book. This is book five of Scott Sigler’s Galactic Football League series and it follows the life of Quentin Barnes as he tries to lead the Ionaith Krakens to a Galactic Bowl title, and deal with his family, team mates, his coach, team owner, Gods and the various people who want to kill him.

It’s been two years since book four came out and I’ve got the limited edition hardback and I’ve been listening to the podcast as Sigler is, like pretty much all of his work, is giving it away for free but after this weeks episode I realised I couldn’t wait each week for the story to continue. So I used my Audible credit this month to download the audiobook (I would’ve started reading it but I’m reading The Waste Lands by Stephen King). In two days I blitzed through this audiobook, getting through till about 10pm on Wednesday night as there was no way I could wait till the next day at work to finish it off.

I’ve been consuming Sigler’s work since about 2007/2008 and most of his work takes place in the one universe and theres a part in this book early on that almost knocked me off my feet, you’ll know it if you know Sigler’s work. That is something that I admire, writers being able to tie this stories together in this way, and it’s something that I’d love to be able to do myself one day.

This book had me laughing, it had me crying, it had me on the edge of my seat and it had me cheering on the Krakens.

The ending left a lot up in the air, but it didn’t leave me feeling short changed, not by a long way. Scott Sigler has said this is a seven book series and those last two books are going to be epic!


(over the next few months I’m going to be getting the previous four novels in the Galactic Football League series on audio because they are stories which get richer with each listen and from a writing point of view they are a great way to look at world building and character development and building a long term story.)

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Putting Notes Together

I’d set aside tonight to work on putting together all my electronic and handwritten notes that I have on The Residents, and I’ve got to say how much easier it is putting all of the data together. Chrystalyn and I have spent many hours brainstorming (a quick ten minute brainstorming on Skype often turns into at least an hour conversation) and we’ve got a lot of the world building and character work done. The story is pretty well thought out as well and I think the next big part of that is working out a timeline for the story. That’s not something I’ve done so I need to look into it a little and see what tips I can pick up.

I still need to get the handwritten notes added to the file and work my way through the files to clear out any repetition that there is bound to be in all the copy and pasting I’ve done tonight. A lot of the notes I’ve got are a little cluttered so there is some repetition that I need to work through. But I’ll do that once I’ve been through and added all my hand written notes, and then it’s off to Chrystalyn so she can add anything I’ve missed :)

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A Quick Update

Over the last week i’ve managed to make some decent progress on Earth, After Liberation and at times I even think I might be able to get this draft done before NaNoWriMo starts but we’ll see what the next few weeks bring.


Tonight I have spent a little time getting prepped for NaNo over at the site and reading through a few notes I’ve already got for my story this year. What I’m planning to do is write the sequel to Earth, After Liberation (which I wrote during NaNo2013) and then next year I’ll write the third part of the trilogy during NaNo2015. I know the tone I’d like to set for this years novel and I know how it’ll start and what the final scene is going to be. I know the rough course of the story between these two points but until I start writing I can’t say how it’s going to go.


Today didn’t go quite as planned though, I was hoping to get a good early start today but I was out celebrating a dear friends birthday last night and didn’t get home till close to 2am, and then laid in till almost 11am. I didn’t get started till gone 12 but still managed to get a fair bit done.


Now I’m off to play some Deadpool on me Xbox.

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Thinking Forward To The Next Year

I wrote yesterday about expanding a short story that is screaming at me to work on it, but I’ve got another story that keeps popping into my head asking why I’ve abandoned it. It’s Avoiding The Game, the story I wrote during my first NaNo back in 2010.
I’ve tried to re-write this one once before but it just didn’t work. That was probably two years ago and now I think I’ve got a better picture in my head of what I want the story to be, I even have an ending!

Thinking of these two stories though has had me asking questions about what I need to be focussing on in the next year. I’ve got my vampire collection out with Beta readers and I’d like to think I’ll have it out next summer but I’m not setting any hard targets for things like that, not until I have the story itself ready and art work in place.
I’m thinking, outside of the collaborations with Chrystalyn and Owen, that I want to focus on Avoiding The Game (which will be re-titled as the current title doesn’t work anymore) and Earth, After Liberation and the two other books that’ll make up its trilogy.

Unless I get an absolutely smack me in the face idea that all but writes itself I think that’s where I want to focus my attention on in the next year.

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It’s Coming….NaNoWriMo 2014!

It’s almost that time of year folks, that time of year where writers across the globe all try to hit that magical 50k by the end of November and this year I am absolutely determined to hit the 50k. I don’t view not hitting it as loosing because words were written and thats always a good thing. This year though I am GOING to do it! Last year I got just over 42k and this year I’ve become quite active in my local NaNo group on Facebook and not only have I found a group of friendly and welcoming people I’ve made friends. This group is great for waving the pom poms and cheering each other on and I feel blessed that I live in this area and have found them.


Am I ready for NaNoWriMo 2014? Hell no! lol But I have an idea, I know how it starts, how its ends and the fuzzy bit in the middle is becoming a little clearer each day. As time goes by I do think I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants writer but something I’ve learnt from brainstorming with both Chrystalyn and Owen is that having the background details thought out can help and what I’m going to be writing this year is the second book in a trilogy that I’m planning. The first story is what I wrote for NaNo 2013, Earth, After Liberation. I may have mentioned it a few times ;) And guess what, if all goes to plan the final instalment will be written during NaNoWriMo 2015!


So I am more confident this year, I have a week off from work booked so I can put in a few more hours into this and I haven’t got a weekend away or anything which’ll mean I’m not travelling for two whole days, bonus!


Are you doing NaNoWriMo 2014? Are you ready?

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Expanding An Old Story

One of my older short stories, Final Freedom, keeps creeping into my head with the same message: Please expand me! Two of the people who have read it have both suggested expanding it into at least a novella and there’s a few ways I think I could do so.
I don’t think I’d have to re-write it entirely and most of what I could add would be in the middle of the story and it wouldn’t cause a change to the end of the story.
The more I think about it the more I think I could make it work, the question is Should I?

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