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Tuesday, 3rd of March

In three sittings I’ve managed to knock out 1200 words today, all in longhand. I’m well chuffed by this. It feels like I’m slowly getting back into a groove a little bit, even if writing with a pen is killing my hand.

This rewrite of Avoiding The Game is coming along well and I think it is taking shape well. Last week I was a little worried about how the middle of the novella would work out but I think I’ve found where I want it to go now. I am a little torn about when I should start typing it up though. Part of me wants to wait until I’ve got a complete draft but another side of me says to start typing it up now, just in case something happens to the paper draft. If I start typing it up though I’ll start editing it and I’m not sure I want to start looking at it with a critical eye until I have a completed draft. I think I’m more inclined to hold off until the draft is done, that feels like the right thing to do and I’m trying to follow my gut instinct a little better at the moment.

That is me done for the night now though, I’m going to dive back into Game Of Thrones series four :)

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Monday 2nd March

I managed to get some words written both during my lunch break and this evening. In total I wrote about 680 for the day. I’ve dropped my daily goal down to 500 words, for two reasons: 1- I’m writing longhand and its slower for me than it is to type. 2- With how disillusioned I’ve been feeling recently, and being hampered by a stubborn head cold, I decided to drop the target from the 1000 word mark to something that I feel is a lot more attainable for how I am right now.

I finally thought up a title for a short story that I’m planning on sending out to the magazines for submission soon. Titles are a pain in the backside as I don’t find them easy to think up, but when I do I tend to like them and this one I think suits the story really well. One of my Beta readers agrees as well. I’ve sent that story to another Beta reader today and once I get those thoughts back and made decisions on whether changes need to be made I’ll be sending it off to try and find a home.

I did also send a copy of the Earth, After Liberation re-write to Owen to get his thoughts on it. I’d like to hear what he says and decide from then what I’m going to do with the story. I’ve invested a lot into that story and I don’t like the thought that it’s dead in the water, but we’ll see. No matter what I don’t think I’ll be working on it again this year in any real way.

I’ve felt pretty good today, much like what I think of myself to be. This surprised me a little as I got a late night (damn you Game Of Thrones ;) ) but the day has been pretty good and I’ve felt a lot like my old self again. I’m all but over this cold, although I am going to take cold capsules for the next couple of days just to be sure. And after talking to Owen on Saturday about the short story I mentioned earlier (he liked it a lot) I’m feeling better about writing. I did also have a friend on Friday give me some moral support. I needed to hear what she had to say, just a little moral support and belief in me.

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Looking Back at February

I think February 2015 will be a month that I look back on with disappointment. I wrote just over 5000 words this month, which isn’t good, when I look back at my targets for the start of the year it’s not even close to where I wanted to be. I’d had plans of having three books written, edited and put up for sale either this year or early next year. But with how Earth, After Liberation crashed and burned that’s not going to happen now. That hit also knocked me hard, it’s not been until this last week that I’ve realised how much of a blow its been to my confidence. I was talking to Owen about it last night and he commented that as I was talking I was shrinking in on myself.

The head cold that I’ve had for the last two, three weeks hasn’t helped either. Writing with a fuzzy head is not very easy.

Owen and I did make some good progress last night with Project Apollo. One of the major sticking points was resolved, which I’m really happy about because it was a key detail in the story. I’m still not sure when we’ll make a start on the re-write but it’s feeling closer now than it was.

The AVG re-write is one of the few elements of February that I’m happy with. It’s progressing well and I’m still enjoying the act of hand writing the story and not typing it up.

That was my February, I hope yours was much better and heres to a more productive March.

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Groovy Cool Writing Techniques has been released today!

Originally posted on Irene Aprile :

After weeks of silence, I pick up pen and paper (or better screen and keyboard) to tell you about a brand new book.

Groovy Cool Writing Techniques

If you are a writer you would love this book, if you aren’t you’ll want to become one..

I had the honor of being a beta-reader and I read an ARC copy of the final version and, you can’t believe me, it’s amazing. I read a lot about writing, mainly blog posts but also books, and what Cinta does in here is something unique and really helpful. The book is organised in short chapters with a technique each, which allow you to use it as a toolbox. Once you now the whole content, you can pick what you need at any time. Cinta is straight to the point, she doesn’t sugar the pill but make sure you have the necessary tools to overcome the fears at the…

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And Now a Poetic Interview with Amber Jerome~Norrgard!

Originally posted on The Midnight Writer:

Amber Jerome~Norrgard is one of the coolest writers you will ever meet. She is also one of the best and most bad-ass people on the planet. And if that isn’t enough, she writes incredible fiction, nonfiction and poetry. An amazing friend and philanthropist, she teaches and supports charities on a regular basis. But don’t let me tell you everything. I’m here to introduce: the woman, the myth, the legend (and reverend) Amber Jerome~Norrgard.


Amber Jerome~Norrgard is the bestselling author of more than twenty books including The Eve of Leaving, The Allegory of Dusk, Interpretations and In the Gloaming. She is the Executive Director of the non-profit organization The Quillective Project, the President of 629 Publications and a professor at Collin County College. Amber is a coffee addict who currently resides in Dallas, Texas with her family.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a mom to three…

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Rest In Peace Mr. Leonard Nimoy

I can’t remember ever watching the original Star Trek series, but I remember watching the movies when I was younger and I always enjoyed them and as I think back to those movies many of the scenes that have stuck in my memory were of Spock. The straight way that Leonard Nimoy played this character made it memorable and iconic and to me Leonard Nimoy became iconic as well. He seemed to have a good sense of humour about himself and from what I’ve seen and heard people say of him he seems to have been a good human being.

Rest In Peace Mr. Nimoy.

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Good Morning, Friday

This is just a very quick post to give a quick update on where I am with writing: I’ve done a little more writing these last couple of days but still not a lot. I’ve started work on another protject to see how it comes out but so far I’m not happy with either of the two ways that I’ve started it. I’m not happy with the approach that I’ve tried nor am I happy with the tone in both of these attempts.

I’m still fighting this cold, I was feeling better Wednesday and yesterday morning but as the day progressed I was begining to feel worse again and I’ve woken up feeling prety rough this morning. I’m not as fuzzy headed as I was over the last weekend but I still don’t feel great.

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Wiped Out

This past weeked turned out to be a loss for me. I got struck down with a cold which hit me Friday and then really hit me on Saturday. Looking back at being at work on Saturday and then getting home to clean the henhouse out I’m not too sure how I managed to get through the day.

I’d had to cancel mine and Owen’s meeting in the evening and once I had done everything that I needed to do I just got in bed and watched football and later on the heighlights (with the odd Leathal Weapon film inbetween).

Sunday was much the same as Saturday evening. I spent the day watching football programmes as I rode out the worst of the cold bug. I think Saturday was when the bug hit me the hardest, but even now I’m still not feeling my normal self. My head is still feeling fuzzy and I still have a sore throat and I’m feeling very nasally, but I think I’m over the worst of it now.

This probably sounds like I’m whining a little here, and I am a little, but I find being unwell quite frustrating. In almost fifteen years of working fulltime I think I’ve had, maybe, ten days off sick and none because of something as little as a cold.

I know how lucky I am that I don’t get every little bug that comes along or that I have a serious illness that I have to live with, but I often do suffer from head colds and when I do get one it takes it out of me.

What has been the most frustrating is writing has all but stopped again. This year is turning out really badly for writing, it’s not anywhere near where I was expecting it to be at the start of the year. I’ve really got to pull myself out of this hole that I find myself in.

I feel like I’m finding excuses, although I don’t consider the cold an excuse as my brain doesn’t work properly when I’ve got a cold;  but I think I’m too tired, or there’s not enough time in the evenings or I really need to watch that movie I’ve had on Blu-Ray for six months and haven’t watched yet.

I can write during my lunch breaks at work, I can write in the evenings no matter how little time I have avaliable to me. I just need to pull my finger out and get cracking again!  

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Book Review: Groovy Cool Writing Techniques by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

***I’m going to start this blog post by stating that I received an Advance Review Copy (ARC) of this book and I consider Cinta to be a friend, but that won’t sway my opinion of this book.***

Groovy Cool Writing Techniques is obviously a guide to help us writers, write. In it Cinta Garcia de la Rosa gives us tips on how to overcome many of the problems we face when we’re writing; from writers block to how to relax and how to work through the anxiety that can come when writing. As well as many other little hurdles that can stop writers from getting words out of our heads and onto paper (or into a computer).

Some of the tips in this guide look at how to exercise our creative muscles while not in the act of writing, and how important that is to the process.

One of the stand out themes that Cinta talks about in Groovy Cool Writing Techniques is the self doubt that can come while writing. This self doubt is something that I personally suffer from, especially lately where I’ve felt I’ve not been able to get the right words out of my head and in the right order. So it helped seeing it addressed here and I’ve tired the visualisation exercise at the end of Chapter 2 which helped me even more.

There are many good tips and exercises in Groovy Cool Writing Techniques but what I think makes this book work so well for me is the fact that each chapter feels like its in a tidy, manageable and bitesize chunk. I’ve not read many writing guides, simply because when I’ve looked at them in book shops they look a little intimidating. Even On Writing by Stephen King I think would have been a hard read for me if I had read it and not listened to the audiobook. (I’m not comparing Groovy Cool Writing Techniques to On Writing, as in my opinion they are two different types of guide books).

With Groovy Cool Writing Techniques I found it was easy for me to absorb the information it gave, and with the odd part here and there I went back and read a paragraph or sentence again, and as it is laid out in the way it is I found it was easy to do this.

Do I recommend Groovy Cool Writing Techniques? Absolutely yes. This is a well written, well thought out and well presented book which is full of good advance for any writer.

One last thing I want to mention, this book has a fantastic cover which suits the book incredibly well.

Groovy Cool Writing Techniques by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa is available from the 1st of March, but if you can’t wait that long then you can pre-order it from Amazon now (the link is below).

You can find Cinta at her blog, Cinta’s Corner, where she posts about her travels, book reviews, cooking and many other topics.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you check out Groovy Cool Writing Techniques, and visit Cinta’s Corner, I’m pretty sure theres something there for everyone :)

Groovy Cool Writing Techniques (Writing is Fun Book 1)

Groovy Cool Writing Techniques (Writing is Fun Book 1)

Buy from Amazon

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Good Morning Friday

This last week has been fairly unproductive when it comes to writing, its just been one of those weeks where little obstacles have cropped up here and there.
I’ve had a Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of a book a friend of mine has written, it’s a really good book on writing and I’ll be writing a review of it tonight. So I’ve spent some time reading that – which I’ve enjoyed doing – and I went to the cinema on Tuesday night as well (I saw Jupiter Ascending and loved it, a really fantastic movie).
I think it was Wednesday night that I was planning on getting a good evenings work, but I didn’t leave work till about 6:30pm and I had to run an errand after work. So I didn’t manage to get home until gone 7pm. Then once I’d had a bath and dinner, and done the dishes it was pushing 9pm and I was exhausted.
Last night I finished reading the ARC and did a little writing before winding down with a movie, and tonight I’m not going to get much written as I’ll be preparing to go down to Owen’s tomorrow so we can do some work on Project Apollo. So that’ll be two days where I don’t think I’ll get many words done on my WIP.


It is supposed to rain all day on Sunday here in the UK so I’m planning to spend a fair chunk of the day getting words onto paper. This story I’m working on is taking turns that I wasn’t expecting it too, especially some character development that I hadn’t seen coming. It was really exciting as I was writing that bit as the story took over and I haven’t had that happen in a long time :)

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