Good Morning, Monday

Last week I was getting myself fired up to get back onto the writing horse properly, then real life needed my attention. It stil does but I can afford to put a little attention back to writing. I tried to do that last night but I was too distracted by Orange is the New Black to really get stuck in.

What I did find was that the short story I’ve been working on needs more work than I thought it did. I’m wondering if I need to do a hand written draft or just sit down with it and make the changes on my computer (The first draft done on my phone). Both seem like hard work and I’m not sure whether the story will see the light of day in the near future anyway. So I’m not sure how much time I want to commit to it.

The AVG rewrite is moving along slowly. I’m trying to decide how detailed I want to make this final part of the story as I’m building up to the ending. The lives of the characters is settling down a little and I’m not sure how entertaining their lives are at the moment. It’s quite mundane activities that I think I may write as a little bit of a monologue till the next important part of the story needs addressing. 

Good Morning, Friday

Morning all, this is just going to be a quick post to update on how I’m doing. On Wednesday night I really got the urge to really get going again. Despite that I didn’t get going as well as I’d hoped yesterday due to something outside of my control, but what I did do I’m quite happy with. I managed to get back into AVG and that little hurdle that was holding me back I hope I’m now past.

I’ve also managed to add a few details to a synopsis I’m working on. I’m fairly confident that I’ve covered the bulk of the main story detail but I’m going to go back and work through and add some minor details that will help build the setting as well as the overall universe that the story takes place in.

The short story I’ve been working on I’d originally had planned to have had it wrapped up by today, but I decided to let it sit for a couple of days as I thought over some of the more important changes that need to be made. I’m planning on getting back into that this weekend, early next week sort of time.

That all for now, have a good and productive day everyone.

Good Morning, Tuesday

Yesterday I didn’t get any words of fiction written but I did get about 2500 words of an synopsis/outline. I’ve still got more to add to the synopsis for the story and some of the background details.  I’m aiming to have it done by the end of the week.

I really enjoyed working on that last night, it was refreshing and energising. I did also print off a copy of the short story I wrapped up at the weekend. I was going to do a digital edit before printing it but I feel that I need to look at it in a hard copy as its been digital so far, I think I’ll be able to get a better feel for it this way.

I’m off to see Ant-Man tonight so I’m not expecting to get much done tonight, so I’m going to try and have the short story read through by the end of my lunch break today. Then tomorrow night I’ll begin putting in the alterations and additions and hopefully have the second draft done by the end of the week as well. 

Good Morning, Monday

I did very little writing over the weekend but I did finish up the short story I’ve been working on but I haven’t started work on cleaning it up like I was planning to. Quite simply I played a lot of Football Manager and I also went down to Leysdown for lunch with my parents and Nan. The urge to write is growing but it’s not quite as strong as I’d thought it was.

With the short story done I can focus on the AVG rewrite and hopefully get this story done. I’m struggling with the part I’m on but I may blag it for the moment and fix it come the second draft. That’s not something I like doing, but this has held me up for a few days now and I don’t want to loose the momentum I’m building.

Right, I’ve got to get ready for work. Have a good day and week everyone :) 

1st Draft Is Done! 

I wrapped up the first draft of the short story I’ve been working on yesterday. It’s topped out at about 3500 words that I’m quite happy with but when I get stuck into the second draft I’ve got a few changes to make and I’d like to add a few words at the beginning of the story as well to explain the situation a little better. I’ve got to add some detail in as well, some of it is a little vague in places.

I’ve had a couple of days off of AVG as I’m a little stuck as to how to connect where I am now and where I want to be to build to the ending. It’s actually bugging me quite a lot so hopefully I’ll find a solution soon.

It feels good getting a draft completed, even if it is only a short story. Feels like progress :) 

Reading Struggles

These last few months I’ve really struggled to read fiction, and even listen to it. At first I was worried it was because I wasn’t enjoying what was reading but when I’ve been I that position before I was stil listening to the various podcasts that I do. I’m not even doing that at the moment. I’m not intending to audiobooks much either, and I’ve got a good half a dozen audiobooks in my Audible library, books I want to get stuck into but the urge just isn’t there at the moment.

This has unfortunately coincided with reading an Advanced Review Copy (ARC), thankfully the author is a good bloke and has been very understanding. I’ve finished the book now but I felt bad that it took me so one together the book read and it’s really struck home that something’s not right at the moment. Normally when I get a ARC -which isn’t often- I try and knock it out in a couple of days. 

I am wondering if it’s tied into the fact that I was struggling with Project Apollo and I was losing a of of enthusiasm for writing and maybe that overflowed into reading/listening. Especially since now that I’m enjoying writing and I’ve been getting the urge to read again.

These last few months have not been good for anything related to reading and writing. I’ve watched a lot of Netflix and played video games in that time. I’m telling myself that the break has done me a bit of good and it’s refreshed me,  and I hope it has. Writing is feeling natural and fun again and hopefully reading will follow suit.

Good Morning, Thursday! 

What did I learn yesterday? Well, I learnt that sometimes I need to ease off the gas a little and aim for a more of a hare and tortoise approach. When I get home my urge is to get writing as soon as I can but last night, and a little the night before, I’ve been getting home and relaxing a little and then writing later on in the night before I go to bed. On Tuesday night I’d already hit my daily target so what I wrote later on was a bonus, but last night I wasn’t even close, but instead of thinking ‘oh well at least I’ve written something today, I got stuck in and hit my target and then passed it.

So I’ve got to remember that some nights I need to let my hair down a little before writing. Last night also told me that the need to write is growing within me again.