Not Quite Done

I haven’t written much today, just 250 words during my lunch break. I didn’t write this evening becaue I woke up feeling incredibly tired and decided that I’d have a chilled out evening.

I was expecting to get this vampire story done and dusted during my lunch break, but the story isn’t done it seems and I’m liking where it’s going. I don’t think there’s too much more to go but I think where its gone is going to help move the overall story arc along.

Right, I’m going to leave it there. I’m just going to watch the end of the England game, put the dishes away and then do a little reading.

A Little Off Plan

So my plan for today was to finish writing the third of the vampire stories I’m working on, then do a little bit of another short story I’ve started and then work on a proposal for a story in mine and Owen’s universe.

That didn’t happen. I had a friend who needed my help today and there was no way I wasn’t going to be there for them. I did manage to get the vampire story almost done; I may even only have a couple of sentences to go but my brain threw in the towel after 1350 handwritten words this afternoon.

After I did that I spent a few minutes adding files to my Scrivener document for this universe. I’m writing by the seat of my pants here, which is a lot of fun, but there are unresolved elements from the first book and I need to address those. For one storyline in particular I really wasn’t sure what direction to go in but I had a lightbulb moment and I now know how to progress that characters story now. As he is pretty much a main POV character from the first book I didn’t want to just leave him hanging or give him a story where he is just doing the same thing as the last book.

This second vampire book feels like it has a slightly different tone to the last one, which I’m liking. I don’t want my books to just be carbon copies of each other. I’d like each one to have a distinctive feel to it.

NaNoWriMo is just around the corner so I need to get these couple of short stories wrapped up before then, so I need to get my butt into gear.

A Good Sunday

I got a good start with writing today and managed just over 2400 words in about three hours on typing up the second story from this second vampire collection. This story is a totally different pace to the first story and I’m hoping its a good contrast.

Firday night I managed to get 1300 or so words done and that was on wrapping up the first story in the collection.

I did also start working on something else on Saturday morning before work, something that I’ve had on my mind for some time and I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out. I’m not sure what sort of length it may end up being but I’d be surprised if it was longer than a novelette.

Right, I’ve been chilling out all afternoon and now I’m going to chill out all evening. We’ve got a busy week at work coming up so I’d like to be fresh for it.

1800 Word Day, Almost

Okay so it was 1798 words for the day, but that’s close enough. I’m well chuffed with this. The bulk of the words came tonight and its scenes that I had a lot of fun writing when I did the first draft and as much fun when I typed up the scene tonight.

I’ve only got a couple more pages to type up, but I’m feeling beat. I’d like to think that I’ll have it wrapped up tomorrow and then I can start typing up the second story.

I was going to knock these stories out back-to-back and try to have it done quickly, but when I started writing the third story I found it hard to get rolling with it. So maybe I need to let the stories flow a little better instead of trying to force them out.

Just A Quick Post

This is just a quick post. On Tuesday night I made a bit of a mess of a section of the story I’m typing up so I decided I’d fix it Wednesday night. Now, I had a bad nights sleep Tuesday and was wiped out last night so I took a night off. Tonight I fixed the mess I’d made a lot quicker than I thought I would and then knocked out almost 1200 words.

So a good nights work :)

A Good Start To The Week

After a having a break this weekend I got back into the seat today and got writing. During lunch I wrote 250 words on a third vampire story; and this evening I started typing up the first of this new collection, getting almost 1200 words done in around about an hour.

It’s really feeling good to be writing like this again. I think I’ve found the reason for why I’ve struggled so much this year and I’m really hoping that’s going to help me avoid falling into the same trap again.

I’ve got to try and finish reading through my first vampire collection as there’s details I need to be reminded of as I’m going forward. I’m not sure which characters I want to focus on for this book and I think its going to be a little trial and error in places. That said, it should be fun finding out if this collection goes the way I want it too.

Another One Done

Last night I wrapped up the second story for my second vampire collection after an evening of 900 handwritten words. Just over 1100 words in total for the day.

This second story took its own path and although I went in without a plan I still didn’t see it going the way it did. It’s a much more personal piece and looks at a character from the first book who didn’t get a lot page time as. They deal with the fallout of events in the last book. This does mean I’ve got to go back to book one and make a couple of very minor tweaks to this character, nothing major but some things to fit the character I have now into the previous book.

I’m going to type up these first two stories tomorrow while I think about what I want to write next for this collection. I know vaguely what I’m building to and what I’ve got in mind for some smaller character arcs but I’ve got no idea how I’m getting there.

It’s gonna be fun :)