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The Bone Collector

I’ve seen the movie adaptation of Jeffery Deaver’s The Bone Collector at least a dozen times. It is probably in my top twenty favourite movies and it wasn’t until about six years ago that I found out it was based on a book. I learnt this after talking about books I was reading to someone I used to know through work. He recommended and leant me Deaver’s book The Empty Chair and I leant him Deja Dead by Kathy Reichs. I remember him saying that Deaver was very thorough in his research for his novels and as I read The Empty Chair it did feel like he had a in-depth knowledge of what he was writing about.

I enjoyed The Empty Chair and knew I’d have to get a hold of the other books in the series, but as time passed I just never got around to it. What with the everyday life stuff and trying to write and read other books I simply forgot about them until the other day. I was looking around Audible to see what I fancied spending my credits on and The Bone Collector jumped up from the deepest parts of my consciousness and instantly I knew it was the novel I wanted to download next. It was worth it.

The Bone Collector tells the story of a quadriplegic forensic criminalist (Lincoln Rhyme) who wants to die, and has been shutting the world off from him since the accident that made him a quadriplegic. Just as he’s found someone to help him die though the New York police come to him asking for assistance in solving a murder/kidnapping and after initial refusing their request he gives in and gets back to work. He requests the police officer who was first on the scene of the first murder to assist him, and from there the story unfolds.

There was obviously differences between the book and the movie but for the most part I could understand the reasons why the filmmakers made the changes, but I watched the film after I’d finished listening to the audiobook and found that I still enjoyed the movie. I understand that adaptations will almost never be 100% true to the source but as long as it has the same tone and outcome then I find that normally works well for me and The Bone Collector did.

I did look on Audible for the next book in the series but it, and the third one, are only available as abridged audiobooks and I’ve no interest in an audiobook if it’s abridged. So I popped onto Amazon and ordered the next two; The Coffin Dancer and The Empty Chair. I know I’ve read The Empty Chair before, but in the time since I’ve read it I’ve grown a lot as a reader so I’m keen to read it again. Despite a number of books on my To-Read list I think I’ll be fast tracking them and getting at least the 2nd book in the series read early on next year.

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Good Morning Sunday

Today I’ve got a shed to clear out and then demolish. This is in preparation for building our new henhouse, although we probably won’t start building it till the new year though. We’ve got to extend the run as well for when we build the new henhouse and prep the ground where the new house will go.
Then I’ve got to clean out the current henhouse and then I’ll have Christmas cards and presents to wrap up. I’ve also got tidying up to do, I’d really like to get either my bookshelf tidied up or the bookshelf that holds all of my DVDs and Blu-Rays.

I’ve also got my 1000 words to write today as well, but I’ll probably do that tonight, although I’ve just been told that the shed probably won’t be being taken down today so that’s a little more time I should have today.

Right, I’m off to make a start. I hope you all have fun and or productive days :)

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Missed A Day & The Weekend

This evening I’ve managed to get just over 1500 words written in under an hour, that fifteen hundred words took me over the 150,000 words for the year! :D This Writing Journal App is working out really well for me and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone to give a try.

As I expected I didn’t get a word written last night, but I had a good night out for my works Christmas party. I didn’t get home till almost 1am and I’ve got to admit I’ve felt it a little today. Which is a little surprising as I’ve had a good nights writing. It’s nice knowing I can skip a day and then get straight back into the groove that I’d left. It’s not something that I’ll be doing often though. My aim is to write daily and if I miss a day then it has to be for a good reason.

I’m still feeling good about my writing. I am firmly convinced that the more I write the happier I am, in not only my writing but myself also. Next year is going to very exciting if I can keep this up :)

This weekend is going to be a busy one. I’ll finish work tomorrow at 2pm and then a quick haircut and then home to clean out the henhouse. Then it’s a case of squeezing in a minimum of 2000 words (I’m working off a minimum of 1000 words a day). wrapping presents and writing out cards, Demolishing a shed in preparation for a new henhouse and a bloody good tidy up, which includes my DVD/Blu-Ray collection and my bookshelf.

That’s a lot of work to do in a day and a bit, so needless to say I’m not expecting to get it all done. I think the tidying up will be the parts which get dropped. The other bits do need to be done this weekend if I can.

Right I’m off now to make a spreadsheet so I can keep track of my submissions. Still only one so far but next year I’m planning to get a fair few sent out and see what response I get :)

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A Little Fear and a lot of Frustration

Frustration: I found it really hard to get the motivation to get going tonight. Again, it was a case that once I’d done all of the little bits and pieces that I needed to do once I’d gotten home it was gone 8pm before I had even turned my iMac on. It’s this frustration at not being able to get a good start that really bothers me, but a late start can also be a blessing. Knowing I haven’t got much time to write means I have to focus more and make the most of that limited time. Tonight for example, I’ve managed to write 1400 words in about 50 minutes. Would I have done that if I’d had another hour? Probably not. Last night I had a little more time to write and I only wrote 97 more words and that took me 20 minutes longer. So maybe I need to accept that some nights I won’t be able to start writing till later and that may be a better thing. (and staying off Facebook helps too).

Fear: This little bit of fear I had tonight snuck up on me as I was pouring myself a glass of cola just before coming up to start writing and it was the fear of thinking I won’t hit my target of 30,000 words by January the 1st. Being struck by this fear was very irrational for two reasons. The first is that it doesn’t matter too much if i don’t hit 30k by the 1st. I’ve no deadline set by someone else to hit. It’s a deadline that I set myself. Secondly is that it is the 17th of December and as of tonight I have written 19,415 words this month. That means I’m 2415 words ahead of target (target was 1000 words a day) and even if I only write that 1000 words a day till the end of the month I’ll still hit target.

I don’t know where this fear come from tonight. Perhaps its seeped over from other, non writing, elements of my life. I don’t know. Maybe this is just part of the process, little pins of self-doubt jabbing at me when I’m not actually writing. When I am writing, that’s when things seem to make a little more sense.

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A Quick Update

Just a quick little post tonight. I’ve written Just shy of 1500 words tonight during two sessions, and according to Writing Journal I’m 30% done now. I’ve set myself a rough target of 60,000 words for this re-write and I think it’s going well. I’d like to be at halfway by the new year.

The story has taken a couple of little turns that I wasn’t expecting tonight but I’ve brought it around so it’s back on track. Tomorrow night should be a lot of fun for a couple of the characters :)

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Today’s Update 15-12-14

We had to stay late at work for a customer so once I’d gotten home, had dinner and washed up and etc. etc. I didn’t start writing until 8:30 tonight and when I sat down to write I thought I’d struggle to get going. So I wrote on Facebook asking for someone to give me a kick up the arse, and they did, but to be fair I’d already gotten my motivation by that point as I’d looked at the outline for the chapter I was about to start, and it was one which I knew would be a lot of fun to write, and it was. A little emotional too as I killed a couple of characters and one death was a little brutal on other characters.

All in all though I got 1521 words written in 1.2 hours tonight which I was really glad about. I did that in two sessions with about a five minute break in between. This method seems to be working really for me at the moment. The Writing Journal app is really helpful and I’m glad I’ve got it and I’d recommend it to anyone.

The day in general was one that wasn’t great. Nothing major or bad happened, it was just frustrating. Nothing quite went how it normally does, but getting those 1521 words done tonight has made up for all of that frustration.


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Good Morning Monday

Despite my best intentions I didn’t get any more words written when I got home last night after being over at a friends house. I didn’t get home till gone 7:30pm, I hadn’t expected to be out as long as I was but once we’d gotten talking then time just flew by. I haven’t seen this friend for about two and a half, three years and although we do stay in touch we had a lot to catch up on.
It was a lot of fun though and it was great catching up. I think in this day and age we can often find it hard to make that time happen to see friends that we don’t often get the chance to.

Back to today and this week. I’ll be writing later this evening once I’ve gotten home from work, and this week will hopefully be a little less busy than last week. I’m making a declaration for Thursday that I will NOT get any words written that day. The simple reason for that is I’ve got my works Christmas party that night so what with going to work as well I sincerely doubt that I’ll be able to make the time to write that day.

Now, I’m off to get ready for work. Have a good and productive day, and week everybody :)

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Target Done

I hit my target about half an hour ago, and at that point I thought I’d put my feet up. I’ll be off around a friends in a bit anyway once she’s got home, and once I get back from there I’ll be doing a little bit more. If I can get another thousand words done this evening then I’ll be happy.

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Today’s Update- 13/12/14

I got 1680 words done tonight in about 1.4 hours. That was broken up into three sessions. I’m still using the Writing Journal app on my iPhone and I’m finding it really helpful. The way I’ve been using it is like how we write sprint (something I picked up from my local NaNoWriMo group) and after about 20-30 minutes I make a note of how many words I wrote and enter it into the app. So far this is working out quite well for me and I’ve written 13,900 words since about the third of this month.

I’ll be off out for a little while tomorrow, but I’m planning to get some words written before I’m off out and then I’ll do some more after that. Hopefully I’ll get closer to the 2000 words in a day mark tomorrow.

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Finding The Right Balance

As I was writing a general update post I talked about finding a balance between writing and editing, primarily on different projects. To give you an idea of where I’m going to be by the end of January (2015) I have my vampire collection waiting to be edited. I’ll have the Earth, After Liberation re-write to edit and possibly Oppression (Earth, After Liberation’s sequel) to edit, although I’m tempted to re-write that one as well, but that depends on how I feel it reads when I read it in January.
So I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to be able to balance between writing new fiction and editing the first drafts that I’ve got done. Owen and I are hoping to be ready to start on the Project Apollo re-write in the early part of next year and that first draft I’ll want to have done within three months of starting the re-write, but I want to edit other work as well at the same time.
I’d like to be able to balance the two but I don’t want to write one day and edit another as I think that’ll affect my writing momentum. One way that I think may work well is to edit at weekends. I can get my minimum done and then start editing. I may even be able to do this of a weeknight as well.

If anyone has had this problem and found a solution that you found helpful please feel free to share:)

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