23rd of June, 2021

Good morning, folks!

I have edited 4475 words today on Black Blood, which wraps up this draft! I’ve edited something like 65000 words since about the 14th of June, which I’m super happy about. I’ll now put this one to one side but will be making notes for it while it’s resting. I feel pretty good about it and already know some of the changes I need to make on the next draft.

I’m tweaking my process all the time and this edit pass of Black Blood seems to have shown me a few new tricks while working through a draft which’ll hopefully stick and be of use as I go forward.

Today I’m going to be working on a short story for an anthology submission call. This’ll be a last edit pass and then It’ll be ready for submitting and I’ve got to look at my goals for next month.

Have a great day folks!

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